Law firms have a very document-intensive environment that requires reliable, high performance printing to drive productivity and reduce costs to maximize revenue.

The legal industry also needs a high level of security when it comes to processing sensitive documents for their clients. Multifunction systems and Document Solutions from Digitec provide easy tracking of important documents and limited access to unauthorized users.

With increased electronic filing, law firms are relying on their multifunction systems more than ever. We can offer both software and hardware options to improve the paper-to-digital workflows. In no time, we can have you and your staff easily scanning, archiving, searching and retrieving documents in one easy step.

Automate Workflows

With so many steps to take in any legal process, it can be easy to forget to scan and store a document before sending it off the client or courts. With automated workflows, Digitec can make it so specific documents are automatically archived when printed or emailed. This will eliminate stress and speed up your processes.
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