Digitec understands the special needs of healthcare clients. With the sensitive nature of their output, medical offices need to maximize printer productivity to enhance patient care. As the need for electronic medical records increases and HIPAA requirements become stricter, managing documents within the healthcare realm has become harder than ever.

Digitec can help your business streamline clinical workflows, improve forms processing and help import patient information into electronic records.
Healthcare organizations are under great pressure to comply with confidentiality regulations. Therefore paper documents and unsecure devices can be a huge risk. With multifunction systems from Digitec, you can take advantage of the many new security features that are available. You can restrict access to devices and folders, send faxes to a protected folder and even automate document distribution.

Recent InfoTrends research identified the top 5 IT priorities for the Healthcare industry:

  1. Going digital
  2. Going green
  3. Reducing forms processing costs
  4. Improving document security
  5. Improving regulatory compliance.

These priorities are driven by the increased focus on Healthcare Information Technology, Healthcare Information Exchange and Electronic Health Records. Digitec can work with you to streamline clinical workflows, improve forms processing and help import patient information into electronic records.

We can make it easier to comply with regulatory confidentiality requirements by taking advantage of security features for your printers and multifunction systems. These restrict access to devices, send faxes to protected folders and address security risks posed by the document images captured on the hard drives of those devices.

Digitec understands the special needs and demands of the 24/7 hospital environment. With the critical nature of your output and focus on delivering enhanced patient care, ensuring uptime and availability of your printing and imaging resources is a high priority. We provide proactive service and support that prevents unplanned downtime, support for remote medical delivery sites and medical offices, and “Hot Swap” management so you are never without the tools and resources you need.

At Digitec our management solutions are customer driven, innovative and continuously updated to keep pace with the rapid changes in the health care industry.
To improve the efficiency of your medical office, contact us today.