Do you work in the public sector? Well, Digitec has an Authorized Federal Supply Service contract with the General Services Administration. This means we can help with all document services and product needs that are required for the unique needs of government agencies. These products include multifunctional document systems, leases, supplies and maintenance.

Electronic Record Workflow & Archival

Up until very recently, workflow processes were accessible from desktop PCs only. That has changed with the advent of current MFP technology. Applications can let you automate your electronic record initiatives and Scan, Index, Route, Archive and Retrieve files right from the MFP's front panel. Users can now scan documents into virtually any established workflow.

Cost Accounting & Device Control

Current MFP technology provides front panel integration with popular cost tracking systems virtually eliminating the need for external terminals. You will now have a convenient way to control access, monitor usage and generate reports on all MFP functions. For example, a user logs in at the MFP with their network password and is authenticated against Active Directory, the permissions can limit MFP function usage like: disabling/limiting color printing and scanner usage etc.

RFID Security

Chances are your company is already using RFID technology for securing doors and other rooms in the office. Well, those same cards could be used for logging in and controlling access to the MFP. The device can be locked down so average users have limited or no access to MFP functionality, but once they tap the RFID card to the reader the user is logged in and able to use functionality on the MFP according to the grouped privileges assigned to them. All this can be done without any additional software on some products, and without some products even needing to be on the network.

If you have questions about government contracts, please contact us today.