General Business

Paper and electronic documents are a staple in the every business. Invoices, customer records, shipping notices, and contracts are just a few of the documents that you have to track, distribute and archive.

Whether you are transferring forms to a client or handling an order, sending documents and forms needs to be easy. You need to quickly convert paper documents to electronic records that can be easily stored, searched and accessed and you need to manage large volumes of faxed documents between your back office and your clients.

Digitec can help you automate these processes letting you accomplish more in less time. Using multifunction systems, with the push of a single button, you can securely scan, email, fax and archive your documents.

E-Mail Integration

Your MFP now becomes a convenient way to send hardcopy documents as secure electronic mail messages. With seamless integration to Microsoft° Exchange Server, authenticated users will have access to all the features normally associated with Outlook' . They will have access to their Personal Contact Lists as well as company Global Address Lists and have BCC and CC fields, Subject Line and message body entry right from the MFP control panel. No longer do your scan to email messages come from unknown users, but each mail message will take on the identity of the authenticated user who sent it. A copy of the mail message will also be placed in the authenticated users "Sent Items" folder for confirmation or auditing purposes.

Electronic Workflow and Archival

Up until very recently, most organizations have processed and filed paper copies of purchase requisitions and orders, proof of delivery, checks and other accounting documentation in filing cabinets. Applications can let you Scan, Index, Route, Archive and Retrieve files right from the MFP's front panel. Users can now scan documents into virtually any established workflow to avoid the paper "handoffs". You can access scanned documents right from your accounting system!
In today’s competitive economy businesses of all sizes are finding it more important than ever to control costs wherever possible. With Digitec, you can control costs while improving the productivity of your office.  Contact us today to learn more!