Faith-Based Orginizations

If your church or religious organization is interested in color printing and copying but worried about the potential cost of printing too much in color, Digitec has a solutions for you. By integrating user-based printing rules, a device can be locked down so most users have limited or no access to color functionality, but once an authenticated user is logged in, they are able to use functionality on the MFP according to the grouped privileges assigned to them. All this can be done without any additional software on some products, and without some products even needing to be on the network. This allows your organization to control and monitor color usage.

Most religious organizations send their bulletins, pamphlets and newsletters to external print shops. Not only is this more expensive, but it is very time-consuming. With solutions from Digitec, you can start printing your marketing materials in-house, saving time and money.

Online Finishing/Booklets, Pamphlets and Folding

Many of the products we sell and support have the capability to take your electronic or hardcopy files and turn them into folded, saddle stitched booklets and pamphlets, thus eliminating the need to fold and staple newsletters, bulletins and schedules by hand.

Scan to Network

This application allows users to quickly scan documents to custom locations on their network. Lawyers can also scan documents directly to their personal folders on the network to maintain confidentiality or to departmental folders to enhance collaboration.

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