Copiers & MFPs

Multifunction devices are a popular choice for business because they can achieve the following with one single device:

  • Reduce costs
  • Consolidate assets
  • Reclaim floor space
  • Conserve energy
  • Enhance workflows

Digitec can provide you with the best multifunction systems from our top technology partners with the combined ability to copy, print, fax and scan to email or network folder. Many Multifunction Products can be integrated with desktop software and network applications to further increase office productivity.


Multifunction systems provide the ability to print all different sizes of documents in a time-efficient manner. Because multifunction devices are scalable, the volume can be also scalable. This allows you to keep costs low while maximizing productivity. The systems also provide finishing options that are not typically available in ink-jet or laser printers such as stapling, booklet-making, and three-hole punch. With multifunction systems from Digitec, you can bring the print shop to you.


All multifunction systems have the capability to copy as well as scan color and black & white documents. Our products use the latest technology to generate the best quality reproduction available in addition to giving you the ease of use you have come to expect. Most multifunction systems now provide advanced features such as scan-one-print-many functionality, job pre-scan, and the increased ability to maximize the resolution quality from your color originals.


Scanning documents is a necessary business tool. It is vital that businesses have the capability to convert paper-based information into electronic format for editing, storage and easy dispersal. Scanning documents improves your ability to access documents as well as keep them secure. And with our OCR software solutions, you can take a printed page, scan it, convert it to a word or excel document, make changes and save it as another PDF file. With a Digitec multifunction system, creating an electronic document from a paper-based document has never been easier.


Despite access to digital documents, fax volumes are actually still very high due to demands from customers. Therefore, businesses need to provide technologies that their customers require. Multifunction systems also provide faxing options that a traditional fax machine may not offer. These options include: inbound fax routing, desktop faxing, and faxing directly to your electronic document management system. A multifunction system from Digitec can provide an increased level of productivity that can positively affect your bottom line. To consolidate your printing environment, contact us today!